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The Magic Places
by Elizabeth Jenner

‘Tom was grinning at her, in the same way he had that morning after the cave, and in that instant, she knew why.It was here too, pockets of that mysterious, trembling, wonderful darkness…’

Epic Fantastical Panel Extravaganza

Third floor….home furnishings…sorry flashbacks umm Waterstones Piccadilly. Yesterday I had the good fortune to attend the Epic Fantasy panel at Waterstones Piccadilly. We helped ourselves to wine and seats not to near the front though near enough…we were an eager crowd after all. We waited and then waited some more contemplating our lives, navels, bank balances vs books brought, who lit the first flame (delete as appropriate) And then…the parting of the red sea aka the author arrived…Let’s introduce them […]

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Seven Days of You
by Cecilia Vinesse

A perfect YA to blow away those wintry cobwebs….

The Lies of Locke Lamora
by Scott Lynch

I am so glad I finally starting messing around with the ‘Gentlemen Bastards’

I have found my Release…

I never got into bookselling for the Money; though a bit more money would be nice….It’s more about discovery…finding books, authors, people who agree and challenge you! The relationships we forge. There’s a little big of Ego too when customers come back for more of your recommendations… …And the icing on this particular cake; well Arcs; advanced reading copies so you can tell others of things to come! Maybe you can be part of forming future trends and opinions.Bloggers and […]

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Down and out in Holborn… (Sci-Fi now!)

Never meet your heroes the old saying says….what about your author heroes? What about those men and women who make you question the world around you, the status quo of things. At the weekend I had such an opportunity when meeting Cory Doctorow; much loved sci-fi author and the latest addtion to the Chocolate box of goodies that is Head Of Zeus’s Sci-Fi List. I must admit I have only read one of Cory’s works in the past; his debut […]

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What makes YA author Krystal Sutherland tick?

On the 27th October 2016 we had the good fortune to have Krystal Sutherland on our shores and here in our shop! Krystal, from sunny OZ, was here promoting her debut YA novel Our Chemical Hearts; published by Hotkey Books and available now in store. As one of my fave reads of 2016 it was a pleasure to host an event here with her and invite some like-minded YA nuts to join us! Talking of like-minded YA nuts; see below […]

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The Muse
by Jessie Burton

I will always have a place in my heart for the young and the fearless….

The Otherlife
by Julia Gray

A different kind of YA fantasy that combines Norse Mythology and Heavy Metal perfectly

Selling Books for YA Royalty

Events sometimes but rarely fall from the sky… all wondrous like… Such a thing as this happened last week when I had the good fortune to be invited to sell books for ahem… YA Royalty David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. Over from New York and LA respectively to publicise their new release, ‘Dash and Lily’s 12 days of Christmas’, out now with Egmont. Signed copies avaliable in store now It was a chance to meet two authors whose works I […]

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Today Will Be Different
by Maria Semple

Highly recommended to anyone who fancies a good chuckle

The Regulars
by Georgia Clark

A fantastic and somewhat guilty pleasure read… with layers!

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